TREX short for Training Exchange is a program sponsored by the Nature Conservancy’s Fire Learning Network (FLN) which the Nature Conservancy describes as “a novel program that provides training and learning opportunities for wildland fire professionals while at the same time furthering the long-term objectives of FLN landscapes… events include daily burning and give trainees a concentrated dose of prescribed fire experience as well as exposure to new people, places and techniques.”

CFMC has partnered with the Nature Conservancy and FLN to bring fire back to Yurok land in a way that emphasizes cultural resource management, building of relationships, and healthy communities. Although our long term goals are to return to traditional tribal land management strategies, TREX is an avenue that builds local capacity to return fire to the landscape in a way that is managed, safe, and operates within the current legal framework. CFMC has hosted TREX events in both spring and fall when conditions are right for healthy prescribed fire. If you would like to be part of one of these events please get in touch